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She is Sagittarius


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She is Sagittarius  She is a true free spirit and a seeker of truth.  She lives her life from one adventure to the next. Shooting towards the stars, no journey is out of her reach.  Her energy is a balance of the old and wise, with the new and curious-minded child.  She is a wanderer, a world traveler, driven by a deep desire to experience every corner of this earth.  She values freedom and independence and will use her experiences to expand your mind and uplift your spirit.

The Collection. Inspired by softness, shapes and lines of the female form. Of strength and vulnerability. This collection takes us away from the traditional symbols of the Zodiacs and into a more expressive look at what makes each Zodiac special, lovable, and unique using the beautiful shapes of the female body.


14k Vermeil Gold. 
Each piece is made with a base metal of Solid 925 Sterling Silver, then gold-plated with 14k yellow gold Vermeil. Vermeil is the most traditional form of gold-plating. This technique has stood the test of time since first used by French artisans in the 1700’s. For gold-tone jewellery this is the best quality you can get, besides solid gold. It is far more durable than other gold-plated jewellery and if cared for properly, can last for years.

Solid 925 Sterling Silver.

Solid Gold. 
Available in both 9ct White and Yellow Gold.


Amulet Diameter: 21.5mm

Chain Length: 18inch / 45cms

Creating & Shipping.

Each piece is carefully finished by hand. Please allow between 2-3 weeks for your piece to be finished and shipped. If you require a piece urgently or by a specific date then please be sure to email

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